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Sun Holidays
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Company Profile

            Happy Sun Travel & Tours, Inc .,  with headquarters at Manila, Philippines, fully owned  Happy Sun Travel & Tours (Manila) ,   Happy Sun Travel & Tours USA Happy Sun Travel & Tours (Hong Kong),   and   Happy Sun Travel & Tours China , managed & operated "Sun Holidays" , with Office at Manila, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Beijing to serve our international clients for all their travel needs. Happy Sun specializes in arranging and conducting domestic & international tours for foreign and local tourists.  As such an In-Bound, Out-bound, Local Tours & Hotel Booking, Ticketing business, we organizing Package Tours, provide tourist guides, escorts, tourist vehicles, hotels & resorts booking, and domestic & international tickets.

            With more than a decade, Happy Sun has grown steadily and has made its mark in the tourism industry.  Aside from regular tour groups, charter flight groups, we have organized and assisted many foreign Government's delegates and officials, private sector's businessmen and companies, go to different countries to perform their missions and tasks. We are also authorized and assigned by foreign Embassies and Consulates to handle their VIP guests' activities; such strengthen the long-established goodwill relationship between the countries.

            Best known for its attentive and solicitous service to tourists, Happy Sun has put together a wide variety of programs, tour itineraries and travel packages that will surely fit any need of his guests.

            Due to many years of experience and quality service, our package tours were welcomed by many foreign & local travel agents and tourists. Because of our production, we became one of the Top Sales Agent. Our  "Sun Hotel Booking Center"  has been receiving praises and commendation for its attentive and excellent services. Our managed & operated "Sun Holidays" , which now cover the tours for the countries of  Philippines, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Nepal, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada,  & European Countries.

            Behind Happy Sun's reputation for quality service is a wide coverage of our oversea branches & offices, and business partners; a youthful, dynamic management team and the agency's experienced, well-trained and courteous staffs. They have rightfully earned the commendation of the foreign & local visitors. They are multilingual and have a knack for making tourists feel right at home.

            Along with knowledgeable and helpful tour guides, the Company pampers its clients with the modern fleets of luxurious, air-conditioned vehicles that guarantee worry-free transportation to historic and scenic destinations.

            If you want to travel or tour in the above mentioned countries and regions, either in package tour or specialize tour, or hotel & resort booking or transfer in / out, or domestic & international tickets, please contact with Happy Sun , we are always meticulous at ensuring all details of your tour are well taken care of. Your satisfaction is key to our success.

          公 沿

公司信譽至上 服務全面多元
  陽光國際集團有限公司( HAPPYSUN ,總部設在美國加州洛杉磯。擁有全資美國陽光國際旅行社;菲律濱陽光國際旅行社;陽光國際會展服務公司;經營並管理“陽光假期”品牌。陽光國際旅行社擅長主辦外國及本地旅遊者來美菲觀光旅遊,提供多種多樣觀光行程和特別包裝的團體行程,供旅客選擇。在這樣一個入境、出境及地接的專業服務中,我們將為您提供專業導遊,全空調觀光遊覽車;專業及快速的“陽光親情”飯店及渡假村訂房;全方位多功能的商務諮詢和會議展覽服務。

時間考驗一切 年資就是保證
   如同樹木的茁壯成長,幾年寒暑的風雨歷程,可以使一棵樹苗傾倒,亦能使其屹立不搖,巍然挺拔。在旅遊市場的白熱化競爭中和詭譎風雨裡,十幾年來, HAPPYSUN 堅持 三實『行程確實,價格誠實,服務踏實』 的經營理念,有別於一些擅於炒作知名度,以不實低價拉攏顧客的旅行社,在一片殺價風波中,乃然堅持原則不為移動。並以 三更『行程更實,價格更好,服務更佳』 來反饋給多年支持的同仁及厚愛的旅遊顧客。

一分錢一分質 價雖優質更好
   HAPPYSUN 幾年來經營旅遊觀光會展,提供訂房商務諮詢,年年獲得高成長,品質深受肯定,公司 步向上。 HAPPYSUN 堅持服務質量至上,誠實反應品質,一分錢一分質,絕不玩價格遊戲來犧牲顧客應有權益,也不亂抬價來提高品質。而是以最優惠最公道的價格,同時提供最好最佳的服務品質。這也就是何以幾年來 HAPPYSUN 公道價,高品質的經營策略,能夠獲得市場上的廣大迴響。生活水準的提高令顧客明瞭 『價格公道最好,品質重於一切』

強大業務伙伴 友好合作關係
   HAPPYSUN 跟美國、香港幾大旅行社,和中國中央一類社(國旅總社,中旅總社,青旅總社,康輝總社,招商總社,婦女總社)及全國其他省市的各大旅行社,都長期友好的合作關係, HAPPYSUN 也是幾國駐菲,華大使館或領事館指定的商務接待社,接待過來自世界各地的包機,旅遊,訂房,商務,考查,訪問,拜會,會覽等各類團體客人,深得同行讚賞,口碑有目共睹。

邁步在新世紀 HAPPYSUN 最貼心
   傳達旅遊最無微不至的關懷。 HAPPYSUN 含海外員工全心全意為顧客服務。邁步在新世紀,我們欣見 HAPPYSUN 己經轉型,茁壯成長為一顆堅實大樹,提供您最佳的旅遊服務。您可以安心倚靠 HAPPYSUN ,在嶄新的旅遊新世紀中,大展宏圖,鵬程萬裡!